What is PABSS?

Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS) is a federally funded program operation by MO P&A.

The primary focus of the program is to provide information and assistance to SSDI/SSI beneficiaries with disabilities who desire to return to work.

Who is eligible for PABSS program services?

PABSS services are available to people:

  • Who are current SSDI/SSI beneficiaries with a disability
  • Who need information and advocacy to assist in their return to work

What kind of services does PABSS offer?

You may receive the following services:

  • Investigation and review of a complaint of improper or inadequate services provided to a SSDI/SSI beneficiary with a disability by a service provider, employer or other entity involved in the SSDI/SSI beneficiary's return to work efforts
  • Information and referral to SSDI /SSI beneficiaries with disabilities about work incentives and employment, including information on the types of services and assistance that may be available to help them in securing or regaining gainful employment
  • Consultation and legal representation for SSDI/SSI beneficiaries with disabilities when such services become necessary to protect the rights of SSDI/SSI beneficiaries with a disability

How can MO P&A help?

MO P&A provides the following services:

  • Information about services available through agencies in the community
  • Advice to you about your legal rights
  • Assistance in resolving disagreements through mediation and negotiation
  • Individual advocacy services including assistance with administrative and legal proceedings

What should you do?

Call MO P&A if you or someone you know is receiving Social Security benefits and is interested in returning to work.

If you want our help:

  • Call our Jefferson City office at 573-893-3333 or toll free 800-392-8667 and an information specialist will assist you in applying for our services. TDD users please contact Relay Missouri for access at 800-735-2966.
  • Write or email our Jefferson City office and tell us how we can contact you for assistance in applying for PABSS services.
  • Visit any MO P&A office and someone will assist you in completing an application for PABSS services.

The PABSS program is 100% federally funded by the Social Security Administration (SSA)
The contents of the PABSS information are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not represent the official view of the Social Security Administration
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